Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention opened a new phase in Slayer’s career. Drummer Dave Lombardo exited the group in 1992, and was replaced by Paul Bostaph, formerly of Bay Area thrash outfit Forbidden. Bostaph's use of drum rolls and tom-tom fills brought new color to the band’s signature sound. Guitarists Kerry King and Dave Hanneman also started experimenting with new tones and textures. “Fictional Reality” contains a dramatic passage of abstract guitar fuzz, while “213” begins with a delicate and haunting arpeggio. It’s clear that Slayer was drawing inspiration from some up-and-coming bands, particularly Alice In Chains —“Serenity In Murder” bears the unmistakable imprint of Layne Staley’s singing style. Even as the band evolved, they remained faithful to the original vision. “Killing Fields,” “Divine Intervention” and “Mind Control” are fearsome rampages that sit easily alongside the band’s classic works. Even the songs that pursue different rhythmic modes — for example, the bluesy swing of “Fictional Reality” and “Ss-3”— don’t show Slayer letting up, but rather pointing the way toward new forms of assault and battery.

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