The quintuple-length Phases is the second Nonesuch Records box set of minimalist master Steve Reich's work. Phases marked Reich's 70th birthday and documents his 1985-2005 output. But while this means that the set features such latter-day pieces as the vocal-oriented "You Are Wherever Your Thoughts Are" (part of You Are [Variations]) and the angular modernist chamber work Triple Quartet, it crucially includes later recordings of Reich's trailblazing minimalist compositions from the '70s, as well as a '60s piece featured on the 1987 collection Early Works. In this way, Phases offers an even wider overview of Reich's career than Works, letting us follow the composer from his tape-based '60s works (Come Out) through percussion-heavy '70s pieces (Drumming, 18 Musicians) to compositions like Tehillim and You Are that not only make more use of vocals but tap into Reich's Jewish cultural identity.

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