No World (Bonus Track Version)

No World (Bonus Track Version)

Formed by brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged, who are session musicians in their other lives, Inc. creates airtight worlds of unusual perfectionism. A track like "Lifetime" uses a twisted, halting rhythm to create a claustrophobic attack; it's further enhanced by loopy keyboard lines hidden in the mix until the end of the tune. "5 Days" throws together a soothing soulfulness that blends elements of '70s Philly soul with electronica: Pharrell Williams as Steely Dan, The Album Leaf mated with Prince. The textures are so carefully put together that every note seems to have a reason for living. By comparison, the vocals are often muted, nearly mumbled in their lower frequencies; this turns a track like "Trust (Hell Below)" into something far more cryptic than its loud, bright beats would suggest. "Your Tears" is a minute and a half of voices chasing oddly integrated sounds (there's a reggae groove in there somewhere!), while "Angel" has the makings of a power ballad and "Seventeen" is hypnotic and freaky right until the final feedback blast.

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