About inc.

Led by Los Angeles-based brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged, Inc. began as Teen Inc. and debuted in 2010 with “Fountains”/”Friends of the Night.” Both songs carried a charming, demo-sounding quality with the inspirations a peculiar amalgamation of early-‘80s post-punk and mid- to late-‘80s sophisti-pop and R&B. After dropping “Teen” from their name, the brothers signed to 4AD, where they released a three-track EP, 3, in 2011. On that release, the late-‘80s productions of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Teddy Riley, as well as the contemporaneous recordings of Prince, seemed to be the primary influences, albeit with a left-field twist. Andrew and Daniel have also recorded and toured with Raphael Saadiq, Beck, and Cee Lo Green, among others. ~ Andy Kellman

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