NCT #127 Neo Zone - The 2nd Album

NCT #127 Neo Zone - The 2nd Album

Thanks to the success of 2019’s WE ARE SUPERHUMAN and its iridescent English-language single “Highway to Heaven,” Seoul boy band NCT 127 is making room for a fresh wave of naturalized NCTzens. Their second full-length album continues the K-pop group’s inventive exploration of sound and emotion. The rap unit lets loose on “MAD DOG,” a trap burner with a weird electrified break, while “Sit Down!” tells a story in aggressive style of sticking to your beliefs. Then, the body-rolling slow jams unfurl. The vocal unit shines on sentimental forget-me-nots “Love Song” and “Day Dream.” There’s a pronounced ’90s R&B influence on “White Night,” “Not Alone,” and “Dreams Come True”—all perfect to curl up on the couch with. From the tempos, melodies, and pacing (spotlight vocals broken up by all-in-together choruses), it wouldn’t be surprising if NCT 127 had some oversized flannels and Timbs in their closet.

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