Kilroy Was Here

Kilroy Was Here

From the opening prog-disco hybrid of “Mr. Roboto” to the closing reprise of the “Babe”-like ballad “Don’t Let It End,” it’s impossible to deny a good story. Lead singer Dennis DeYoung imagined a dystopian future in which government fascists—with help from an organization called The Majority for Musical Morality ("The MMM")—outlaw rock music. DeYoung plays Kilroy, a persecuted rock star imprisoned by Dr. Righteous, The MMM’s leader. Played by James Young, Dr. Righteous sings “Heavy Metal Poisoning,” a standout song that parodies the supposed evils of rock ‘n’ roll, replete with a backmasked intro. Kilroy escapes wearing a robot disguise in “Mr. Roboto.”

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