Momentary Sixth Sense

Momentary Sixth Sense

There’s a natural tension between one’s own artistic vision and mainstream expectations. Singer-songwriter Aimyon found herself attempting this balancing act following her debut album, 2017’s Excitement of Youth, with her 2019 follow-up, Momentary Sixth Sense. The LP beefed up the hooks so everyone could sing along while holding on to the themes that won listeners over in the first place. The sophomore album’s introductory singles exhibited an artist ratcheting up her sound into something more powerful. “Only Under the Full Moon'' paired a stomping beat with a slippery guitar melody, creating a grander soundscape for the emotional rollercoaster she expresses—in this case, an intimate exploration of one-night stands. Bigger yet was “Marigold,” Aimyon’s defining hit and the emotional core of Momentary Sixth Sense. Over a mid-tempo beat, she reflects on a long-gone relationship with a wisdom well beyond her years, ramping up to the most triumphant—but bittersweet—chorus she’d written to that point. Aimyon's emotional maturity illuminates the rest of the album. She adds glassy synth touches to the intimacy of “A World of Just Me and You,” utilizing soft sounds to sell the sweetness at the song's core. She’s also fascinated by the many ways relationships can uplift or destroy one’s life. She keeps songs sparse to emphasize the pain at their center (“Because I’m in Love”) or loaded with guitars to capture the excitement of a new spark (“Good Night Baby”). On Momentary Sixth Sense Aimyon doesn’t sacrifice any of her artistic values. Instead, she shows how with the right presentation her intimate confessionals could connect with a wider audience.

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