Mis Manos

Mis Manos

“The entire album has been written, produced, recorded, and edited by my hands,” Camilo Echeverry tells Apple Music about the inspiration behind his album Mis Manos. “My hands will be playing the guitar and touching the mic at concerts when I sing these songs that have become part of all of our lives.” Boasting one of the most heavenly voices to appear in Latin music of late, the Colombian singer-songwriter emerged from a comfortable place composing hits for others and took center stage with his own single “Tutu.” After receiving a remix nod from no less than Shakira, he has since triumphed through collaborations and his 2020 project Por Primera Vez. “My hands function as a vehicle to make everything into songs,” he says, cognizant of his musical gifts and the responsibility that comes with them. And with the stylistically mature yet youthfully exploratory pop of Mis Manos, he reveals significant artistic growth and a willingness to break bread with an unexpectedly broad set of collaborators, from the regional Mexican balladry of “Tuyo y Mío” with Los Dos Carnales to the bachata cleverness of “BEBÉ” with El Alfa. Not quite so surprising as those, though no less impactful, is “Machu Picchu,” a riveting romantic duet of self-discovery with his real-life wife Evaluna Montaner. On his own, he proves no less introspective and vulnerable, expressing gratitude amid the disbelief of “Milliones” while nimbly dodging red flags on “Ropa Cara.” “Every day I’m more convinced that God has created me with a purpose and intention, and if I’m created to his image and likeness, all of his inheritance comes in the form of creativity and intuition.”

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