Laughin' and Cryin' With the Reverend Horton Heat

Laughin' and Cryin' With the Reverend Horton Heat

As long as the Reverend Horton Heat’s guitarist Jim Heath can sling a manic guitar solo, there will always be a place for the trio’s crazed rockabilly. The trio is joined by pianist and accordionist Tim Alexander, but no matter who colors the Reverend’s world, it still comes down to raw, unfettered energy and Laughin’ & Cryin’ continues the Texas trio’s skewered take on the real world. “Ain’t No Saguaro In Texas” corrects Hollywood who it seems made the Saguaro cactus a Texas icon, except it doesn’t grow within a thousand miles of the Lone Star state. “Death Metal Guys” is an attempt at rock criticism. “Aw, the Humanity” slows things for a tear-jerker about the crash of the Hindenburg. “Oh God! Doesn’t Work In Vegas” explains how God isn’t a fool-proof scheme for winning at the blackjack table. “Rural Point of View” explains the world in a way that city philosophers never understand. Alcohol and love meet in a variety of situations and the band’s trademarked hustle never abandons them throughout.

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