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4.7 out of 5
121 Ratings

121 Ratings

Twilo Mike ,

Can someone lock this man in a room and force him to make music all day, everyday?

The guy who wrote the review saying this wasn't as good as Involver 1 has obviously not sat back to listen to this album in it's entirety with a good set of headphones. The guy who wrote about this being a great indication of the evolution of electronic music was spot on. This is our genre all grown up and so deep, beautiful and cool you could faint. And I'm not even gay!
I worked at Twilo in NYC during the Sasha and Digweed days and I was immediately transported back to that time and place and the absolute thrill of the music they wove, pounding into my brain. I was sober last night. This album made me high! If Sasha keeps upping the anty with each album like this, pretty soon he will transform into a being of light and none of us will ever hear from him again. For the love of God, Sasha! Don't do anything better than this! We'd all miss you too much!

LonelyStreets ,

Great Album, but different from Involver 1, mind you

I was, like many people, excited to get my hands on this album. I was (and still am), in love with the first Inolver. The sequel is a proud and worthy successor, but may not satisfy those who simply want more of the same. Sasha (as many other reviewers have noted), has recently been on a minimal kick, and though Invol2ver is certainly not minimal, the artist's recent leanings have deeply effected his sound. Gone are the great big analog synths, momentous breakdowns, and banging drops. Instead this album is characterized by the rolling groove and thick washes of white noise heard on Sasha's other recent work. Furthermore, Sasha has clearly embraced the recent trend towards FM synthesis (which tends to give things a thinner sound and inevitably references the 1980's). This is not to say that Invol2ver is a lesser album than the first: it is still a beautifully crafted album full of wondrous moments and intelligent layering; but it is a different sound than the first Involver. It's also a shame that the liner notes no longer contain the artists process descriptions (as the first Involver did), which were a personal highlight.

spoolup ,

Who ever gives this Album LESS than 4 stars needs to find a new genre of music to listen to

I was reading the reviews for this album after looking for some new music to listen to. "The most helpful" review was 3 stars and said that this music failed to deliver at an appropriate level. Who ever that person is... simply does not appreciate this type of music.

I am a boxer and I need good music to help me keep my mind off the pain when training. Hell, I need music to help me find my center whether it be training, reading, relaxing, driving you name it. The temp of this cd is perfect for my energy, the vocals are perfectly placed to give you that tingle on your neck that raises the hairs and pulls you deeper into the melody. It made me more conscious, more aware and I was engulfed by this CD.

This CD is for experienced listeners that are able to lend their conscious to the music and let it pull them into it. Do not listen to be entertained, listen to experience - this cd taps into many emotions if you allow it to... This cd was a real breath of fresh air for me

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