Holiday Hills - EP

Holiday Hills - EP

As luck would have it, house duo Loud Luxury happened to release their first EP in March of 2020, right when the world was suddenly sent into pandemic lockdown. “There's something universal about that idea of taking sad songs and making them dance-floor-ready,” Andrew Fedyk told Apple Music about Nights Like This. “It can be the soundtrack to anyone’s night, whatever it is.” But little did he and production partner Joe Depace know what that would mean for the months ahead. Fast-forward to summer 2021, as clubs around the world start cautiously reopening, and the LA-by-way-of-London, Ontario producers are ready to hit the decks with the stack of new and as-yet-unheard tracks that make up the Holiday Hills EP. Here they provide some background details on each of the songs. “Holiday Hills” Joe Depace: “'Holiday Hills' is about creating chaos in the suburbs. With everything reopening and the world going back to normal, it’s the energy that we wanted to tap into.” “Lemons” Andrew Fedyk: “This one was inspired by our favorite fruit: lemons. We put them in everything—water, tea, you name it—and they go really well with tequila. We are super stoked for the track because we got to work on it with our good friends Nick [DiPietrantonio] and Tyler [Mann]. We’ve been homies with them for years and they were some of the first people we met in LA, and this is our tribute to lemons.” “Mistakes” JD: “We got so inspired when we played this in Brazil. We absolutely miss and love Brazil so much, and the Cat Dealers are our close friends. Ever since they did a remix for our song 'Cold Feet,' we were so blown away we knew we had to work with them.” “Safe With Me” (feat. Drew Love) JD: “We made ‘Safe With Me’ with a close friend of ours named Drew Love. We’ve been waiting so long to work with him. We had so much fun making the music video. It was one of the best ones we’ve ever done. We got to go out in Malibu and fake-shoot some guns, basically on no money, and we turned it into a cowboy epic.” “Wasted” (feat. WAV3POP) AF: “‘Wasted’ came about right before the pandemic. It was one of the first songs that we worked on, and it was with our good friends from WAV3POP. They absolutely killed it. We’ve been so excited to release this song for so long.” “Red Handed” AF: “This one came together back in 2019. We were on the road a lot and had met [rapper/singer] Thutmose. He sent us a voice note of his idea on just a guitar, and we turned it into a dance version. It came together amazing.”

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