Fitness: Run, January 2022 (DJ Mix)

Fitness: Run, January 2022 (DJ Mix)

No one ever said getting and staying fit was easy. “We're both runners, and the hardest part about it is staying motivated,” Andrew Fedyk, one half of the Canada-reared, LA-based house duo Loud Luxury, tells Apple Music about crafting the very first Apple Music Fitness Mix for running. “We made a mix that embodied what we would want to work out to and would keep us excited.” In terms of the set's structure, “we were really intentional about having some sections that are very high-energy, big sing-along moments mixed with sections where it's a bit more rhythmic and repetitive,” says Joe Depace. “The goal here is to keep you on pace so you're never getting bored but also not losing all of your energy on one song.” Of the duo’s own fitness regimen, Depace says: “With all of the traveling we do, it's tough having a consistent routine, but we try to find ways to get moving no matter where we are. This has taken some weird turns, such as planks in the hotel room or going for a run after the show in the middle of winter. The main thing we've learned is everyone has a different recipe for what gets them going, and we hope our mix can help.”

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