Hell On Earth

Hell On Earth

Riding the momentum of their victorious album The Infamous, Queensbridge murder-rap specialists Prodigy and Havoc return with another stellar collection of criminally minded hip-hop. The subject matter doesn't really veer from their usual assassination/crack-slanging/cop-dodging M.O., but the delivery is so eerily convincing it’s hard to imagine them doing anything else. Havoc's production continues to amaze, with dusty vinyl pops and spooky chopped samples weaving among trunk-rattling bass bumps and snares that punch like a young Mike Tyson. Living up to its title, Hell On Earth is a harrowing vision of life and death in the shady corners of society, a troubling underworld made up solely of victims and perpetrators, with rival crews and undercover detectives lurking around every corner, ready to take you down. It works as a true album, something that can be played straight through with no skipping, though standout cuts include "Bloodsport," "Nighttime Vultures," "Drop A Gem On 'Em," and "Still Shinin'." Essential listening from one of the illest duos in the game.

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