Enterprising Sidewalks

Enterprising Sidewalks

Lorelei’s volatile mix of dreaminess and aggression remains uniquely its own, standing outside the stylistic shifts of the past two decades with an eccentric sort of dedication. Its latest release nudges the group closer to emotional clarity, though the songs remain essentially mysterious in their interplay of conflicting elements. On this album's opening track, “Majority Stakes,” Matt Dingee’s echoing vocals and astringent guitars, Stephen Gardner’s brooding bass, and Davis White’s rumbling drums give a taste of the unpredictable ride to follow. Whether the band is marching to an austere, near-gothic groove (“Three Interlocking Screens”), combining dark piano dabs with bursts of guitar shrapnel (“Hammer Meets Tongs”), or counterpointing jazzy melodies with prickly riffage (“Sorry for the Patience”), Lorelei keeps its sonic strategies consistently interesting. There are moments of comparative calm here, such as the sleek, almost comforting “Dismissal Conversation.” The stalking funk beat of “Let Go of Our Ego” even extends an invitation to dance. From its scorching feedback squalls to its eerie open spaces, Enterprising Sidewalks is a welcome return by a stubbornly original band.

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