Early Hours (DJ Mix)

Early Hours (DJ Mix)

Early Hours can mean a few different things: Are you winding down after being up all night, or are you just rising to meet the sun? For London duo Eli & Fur’s exclusive Early Hours DJ mix, the headspace was definitively post-club—ideally somewhere exotic. “We envisioned a chill-out [session] after a long night out somewhere warm and beautiful, maybe Bali,” Eliza Noble tells Apple Music. “A little wonky, a little tribal, a little pensive. We were picturing somewhere far from home with a view of the sea, watching the sunrise. [This mix is] not going to send you to sleep, it’s going to wind you down and maybe keep your head bobbing while also tapping into a range of different emotions.” Among the pair’s favorite selections: Bicep’s “Celeste” (“We are massive Bicep fans, and this track feels like a classic,” Noble says) and “In Too Deep” featuring Holly Martin, from Eli & Fur’s own 2021 album Found in the Wild. Hit play and settle into a meditative, downtempo mood—whether you’re thinking about turning in or just easing into the day.

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