Chunga's Revenge

Chunga's Revenge

For Frank Zappa's third album of 1970, he adds Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan of the Turtles — known as Flo & Eddie — along with a few other new contributors for his next musical phase. The instrumental "Transylvania Boogie" opens things with a blazing guitar jam that illustrates Zappa's love for rock 'n' roll, before he skewers the lifestyle with the nightclub blues of "Road Ladies." While much attention is rightfully paid to Zappa's satirical work — and "Tell Me You Love Me," "Would You Go All The Way?" and "Rudy Wants To Buy Yez a Drink" are brutal, scathing attacks — it's his peerless guitar tone and ability to elicit strong performances from his bandmates that sends his concepts over the top. His jazz interests drive the exquisite "Twenty Small Cigars." His ability to cross-polinate genres works up the unclassifiable title track. His love for doo-wop sparks the twisted lounge-pop of "Sharleena." For high-concept weirdness, try the percussive power of "The Clap" or the avant-garde, "The Nancy and Mary Music" featuring George Duke singing a drum solo. The album was a precursor to his film, 200 Motels.

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