Zoot Allures

Zoot Allures

For those who wish Frank Zappa would shut up and play his guitar more often, 1976's Zoot Allures occupies a special place in the Zappa catalog. It's not an instrumental record, as many later releases would specifically allow, but it is Zappa stripping back the craziness for a tasteful, even mildly subdued approach. "Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station" is a freaky and insanely catchy and quick opening number, but the instrumental "Black Napkins" cuts to the heart of 1970s FM radio rock, with one of Zappa's strongest guitar solos and a guitar-organ arrangement worthy of Meddle to Wish You Were Here-era Pink Floyd. The dark whispery vocals of "The Torture Never Stops" adds to the menace of the female screams and the noir-inspired guitar solos. "Friendly Little Finger" features a twisted guitar lead that's pure Zappa mayhem. "Zoot Allures" is even more melodic and delicious. Hard rock that cruises the avenues cements the Iggy Pop-like "Wonderful Wino." "Disco Boy" is more demented satire from an artist who looked upon all trends with deep suspicion and cutting humor.

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