Can't Take Me Home (Expanded Edition)

Can't Take Me Home (Expanded Edition)

When P!nk crash-landed into Y2K's pop landscape, she wasted little time letting everyone know that she wasn't like her peers. Can't Take Me Home, her 2000 debut, balances its slick hooks with honest, defiant lyrics, with the then-20-year-old making a play for true romance on the jittery "Most Girls" and informing a future lover that her attention comes at a premium on "Private Show." P!nk would soon move on from the electro-powered R&B that dominates Can't Take Me Home, but the husky alto and no-nonsense declarations of self-respect that made her rule 2000s pop fit in well with this album's glitchy, energetic bangers, like the glittering kiss-off "There You Go," the rueful "You Make Me Sick," and the acerbic title track. Downtempo selections like the piano-driven "Love Is Such a Crazy Thing" and the string-laden "Stop Falling" show off her emotional and vocal range, while the plush "Let Me Let You Know" calls back to her girl-group teenage years. P!nk's strong personality and even more formidable sense of self make Can't Take Me Home a feisty, fun opening salvo from one of the 21st century's biggest pop stars.

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