Bluebird Days

Bluebird Days

As Jordan Davis tells it, a “bluebird day” is “cold, [with a] north wind, sunshine, not a cloud in the sky.” It’s a term he used while duck-hunting with family friends, but he also feels that the metaphor applies more broadly to the life he’s built for himself and his family. “It’s the spot in my life where I'm at right now,” Davis tells Apple Music. “I never dreamed I would be here. I've got two beautiful, healthy kiddos, a wife that deals with me being gone 95 to 105 days a year, and I have a dream job. And if there was a ‘bluebird day’ that is a life, then I'm in it right now.” Accordingly, Bluebird Days finds the Shreveport, Louisiana-born artist opening up about his life and loves, offering vulnerable glimpses at both the highs, like on hit single “What My World Spins Around,” and the inevitable lows, as on the tender title track, which draws from Davis’ experiences with his parents’ divorce. Other highlights on the LP include the massive, career-changing Luke Bryan collaboration “Buy Dirt”; the Danielle Bradbery breakup duet “Midnight Crisis”; and “Next Thing You Know,” a heartfelt glimpse at Davis’ journey to fatherhood. Below, Davis shares insight into several key tracks on Bluebird Days. “Money Isn’t Real” “I've been more fortunate now than I've ever dreamed. I get paid to play music, which is absolutely nuts. But I still had the same struggles that I had before, still had the same self worries, still had the same fights with [my wife] Kristen, still had the relationships that didn't change anything. It really came down to the same fears, and I guess I thought that some of that would go away, because for so long, through college and even moving to Nashville, I was struggling to pay rent. So if I could get that one thing, if I could just be able to pay bills and not worry about that, then my life would get so much easier. And then you realize that that's really not true at all, and it really doesn't matter at what stage you are. I'm sure Jeff Bezos still struggles with stuff.” “No Time Soon” “This song is what it is. And a total opposite of ‘Bluebird Days,’ this song. We spend a lot of time on the road, and sometimes you just wish you were at home. It is kind of weird, only because I wrote it with [my brother] Jacob. I got some really funny memes after sending that song out to some people. The lyrics are what they are. So it's fun to play. It is going to be fun to play live.” “Bluebird Days” “Marriage is tough. There's not one person that's married that hasn't been like, ‘There's a time where I think we both kind of laid down at night and were like, “Is this it? I don't know.” I'm like, “Do I want to keep going through this?”’ I know I have. I know Kristen has. And so even somebody gets the message out of this of, ‘Yeah, I'm going to get married because I love this person. But if you think it's just going to be super easy and sunshine and roses for the rest of it, it's not. You're going to have to fight for it.’” “Short Fuse” “‘Short Fuse’ is another one that I wrote out of a conversation my wife was having with somebody that I overheard: ‘Yeah, Jordan's got a temper. He can have a short fuse sometimes.’ And I remember just being like, ‘No, I can't. Everybody says I'm a pretty laidback guy.’ And it may be to friends, but unfortunately the people that you love are the ones that get the short end of the fuse, if you will. And I remember asking her about that and she's like, ‘Yeah, you kind of have a temper sometimes and it doesn't take a lot for you to just flip the switch.’ So much so that I asked Jacob about it, and Jacob kind of said the same thing where he is like, ‘Yeah, man, you can take it for a long time, and then all of a sudden it just snaps and it's really weird.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I don't like that about me.’ That was one that I wrote about just trying to change that, acknowledging it and changing it.” “Whiskey Weak” “It’s the sad song that makes you want to go dance. I think that ‘Whiskey Weak’ is something that could have been placed on my first album or either one of the EPs that we released. And I wanted to have that. I wanted to not get too far away [from that]. As much as I love the [new] songs, I am very proud of that first record and I want to continue to do stuff like that. ‘Whiskey Weak’ fills that void.”

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