Another Language

Another Language

This beguiling instrumental band from Texas have dismissed the many attempts others have made trying to label them, though the phrase "doomgaze" did strike at least one member’s fancy. Members have come and gone since their 2005 debut EP, and their sound has altered with every change. Yet there’s also a sense that if their music could be put into words, then it wouldn’t need to be music. Another Language is considered This Will Destroy You's fourth album. As its title states, they're operating on a different playing field than many of their contemporaries. There are no quick hooks or vocals, and atmospheres generally dominate their intentions. A track like “Mother Opiate” is sublime, with any rhythmic element obscured to keep up the veil of sound. “Invitation,” however, follows with an immediate drum track and guitars that can be distinguished from other instruments, with notes that ring out distinctly and with purpose. The production is powerful and never shortchanges the spotless execution. The band's interest in metal is subdued in comparison to the "gaze" aspects, making their music very much their own. 


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