After Mimi Webb released her debut EP, Seven Shades of Heartbreak, in 2021, her rise continued at a sharp pace, with the singer-songwriter playing Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 and picking up a BRIT Award nomination for Best New Artist the following year. She documents the whirlwind of changes in her life on her first full-length album, Amelia, a pure blast of empowered pop that boasts hitmakers Cirkut, Stuart Price, and Digital Farm Animals among its credits. “The album is about two people,” Webb tells Apple Music. “Amelia, the countryside girl, and Mimi, the girl that gets to travel the world and play all these shows. Amelia has to handle more of the emotional journey than Mimi because Mimi is always busy. But they’re both me, so it’s about dealing with something mentally behind closed doors, and then also dealing with something so out there, in public.” Amelia is reflected in what Webb calls the “stripped-back, emotional, ballad” tracks, while the “sassy, fiery, empowered” songs demonstrate Mimi. While it’s up to Amelia to translate the emotional confusion triggered by a deeply toxic relationship into song, it’s Mimi who steps on stage and converts the turmoil into strength, power, catharsis—and success. Stepping out from under the discombobulating cloud of her last relationship, there’s a silver lining to be found in the lessons she has learned and the growth she has experienced. “I just look at it like I’m a very powerful woman, and only certain men will be able to deal with that,” says Webb. “I value my values, and I feel very empowered, and it’s great to be in that place. I want this album to be a soundtrack for people when they’re needing that pick-me-up. I want people to feel less lonely. I want them to feel like they’ve got someone there to listen to and to understand what they’re going through.” Here, she guides us through the record, track by track. “The Other Side” “I wrote this song about my 21st birthday. I’d been in a relationship for three years, and I realized on my birthday I just wasn’t really in it the way I wanted to be anymore, and I knew it wasn’t right. There’s a lyric—‘On my birthday, the penny dropped’—and I remember saying to my friends, ‘Right, girls!’ But me and him didn’t go near each other all night, so I think they knew! We all kind of cheered and said, ‘Here’s to the other side. Let’s see what happens.’” “Red Flags” “‘Red Flags’ is such a fun, sassy song. It’s about realizing someone’s not right for you, and they’re nonstop showing red flags, but you keep running through them because you’re so obsessed. You keep doing it, but you don’t care because that adrenalin rush and excitement is all part of it. It’s all over the shop, but I think it’s so relatable.” “Roles Reversed” “This is definitely an ‘Amelia’ song. It’s really emotional. ‘Roles Reversed’ is all about really being there for someone—picking someone up, getting them in a better place. Then, as soon as they’re [feeling] great, they ditch you and leave you in a crap place. I love to be able to challenge my voice for this one and do things that push my range a bit further.” “House on Fire” “This is like the ‘f-you’ stage of the album, where it’s like, ‘I’m just going to destroy you.’ That’s a Mimi song. Amelia would not be destroying people.” “Both of Us” “It can be really tough when you are in a place where you are so in love, but they’re maybe not as in love with you. ‘Both of Us’ is very much about having to hold on when it feels like you love them so much, but it’s not reciprocated. I’m someone that will never give up on anyone or anything. I’ll always give something a really good go. But certain loves can be manipulating in a really strange way where you kind of want what you can’t have, and there’s certain people that play on that. I would rather choose an equal love, even if it’s more chilled. I think that’s healthier and more sustainable than having that one-sided love.” “Freezing” “‘Freezing” is a play on ‘House on Fire.’ This is the part where you’re like, ‘No, I’m never letting you back in again. I’m throwing the key away. I’m completely ice-cold from you. You don’t exist. You are not in my world, and that’s it.’ It’s really empowering. That’s the last song on the album where it’s like, ‘This is the final decision. This is what’s happening.’” “Last Train to London” “With the journey the album goes on, it’s so nice to be able to do something so stripped-back—just me and the piano. It’s got that element where I can really go for it live, and that moment is going to be so special for the shows.” “Ghost of You” “‘Ghost of You’ is all about trying to live your life, trying to get on with your day-to-day jobs, and you’re constantly seeing that one person in your mind. You know when you think about someone every second of every day, and it’s exhausting? I wrote this with Phil Plested [who’s written for Lewis Capaldi and Little Mix]. At the time, I was just getting back into a situation I shouldn’t have been getting into, but I completely convinced myself. Now I look back, and it’s quite funny that when this song came out [as a single in October 2022], that situation was already done. It was a full-circle moment.” “Is It Possible” “I was in a toxic situation that put me in a really weird state, and I had to relearn everything when it comes to love and relationships. ‘Is It Possible’ is a song about that transition and relearning the right steps. It’s very theatrical, very intense.” “Remind You” “I wrote this song for the person I was with at the time—a lot of the songs were written while I was still in [that situation]—and we had this conversation where I was being told, ‘Well, we’re so young. If you ended it with me, I would be completely fine.’ When it ended, I changed the lyrics a little bit, and it kind of flipped around and played a bit different, so it tells the story properly. I was really happy to be able to do that with it.” “See You Soon” “I was doing a lot of traveling over the summer, going through a new chapter and having to get out of my comfort zone, and I was so sad. There were birthdays I had to miss that I really wanted to be there for, and I would just have to think to myself, ‘I’ll see that person soon.’ It’s hard because I love making memories, and I love being there for people’s special moments. I want to do the Mimi. I want to get on stage. I want to do the interviews with a smile on my face. But it definitely interferes with the Amelia side of me.” “Amelia” “I wanted to have a song where I could listen to it and feel like I could relate to it as a young girl at school—something that would help guide me and make me feel less alone. I’ve been through so much realization and growth over the last year, so I felt like it was the right time to jump in and write it. This song is a message to my younger self that everything does get better in the end, and I think it’s a message that young fans can really relate to. I think people will really appreciate and respect that message.”

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