Listening to the 23-year-old rapper born Noah Olivier Smith, you get a sense of what it must feel like to witness a UFO: awestruck, confused, a little frightened, but convinced of intelligent life beyond this planet. The follow-up to the ever-mysterious rapper’s 2023 album, AftërLyfe, is loosely organized around the late-21st-century dystopia in which Yeat apparently already lives: “I’m in 2093, where your life at?” he yelps on the thunderous “Psycho CEO.” The Portland rapper’s best known for rapping over rage beats—dark melodies, booming bass, trap drums—but here he occasionally veers into subterranean techno (“Riot & Set it off”) or scuzzy house rhythms, like the strangely addictive title track. Lil Wayne and Future make brief cameos, but Yeat’s most fascinating on his own, left to ponder life’s great mysteries and make cryptic proclamations that future generations of rap scholars might make sense of in the 2090s. “I made every god cry…I know what happens when you die,” he warbles ominously over the decaying thump of “Team ceo.” Somehow, you kinda believe him.

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