2 Slippery

2 Slippery

Florida rapper Bossman Dlow occasionally showcases his Sunshine State roots, but the MC is as indebted to music from other cities like Atlanta, Baton Rouge, and even Detroit. On 2 Slippery, he blends hood stories with witty observations and one-liners that get vaulted into instant quotable territory—all backed by a musical vocabulary that suggests a variety of influences. The beat selection on 2 Slippery elevates the record, like on “Heating Up,” which features a melodic bassline, foreboding bells, and a trap-inspired drum groove. It brings enough heft to color Dlow’s voice, but his expressive delivery steals the show. On “Creed,” haunted strings give the feeling of someone creeping over Dlow’s shoulder, but he continues on unafraid, dialing up the bank for a special delivery and laughing at his opps who continue to hustle without success. He raps, “I gotta call the bank and order 50 Gs/Have 50 bands in twenties for me, please/He been in the streets, why the fuck he ain't got no cheese?”

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