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Danser Med Drenge

Danser Med Drenge

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A Danish pop outfit, Danser med Drenge (Dancing with Boys) formed in 1990 after the demise of founders Klaus Kjellerup and Philippa Bulgin's earlier project, the Klaus Kjellerup Band, failed to find success. The earlier formation had released an album (a self-titled affair) in 1989, but was unable to continue on. The new project -- at its formation still unnamed -- began work on demos, but met with rejection after rejection from labels all over Denmark. Eventually, the group finally convinced the Pladecompagniet label to give the new group a chance, scoring a hit with the single "Hvor Laenge Vil du Ydmyge Dig?," and a deal was inked in the fall of 1992. The name for the new group, Danser med Drenge, was worked out during the recording sessions for what would become the group's first album (Som Regel Er Vi Glade...), which saw the light of day in 1993. The debut was a hit, and soon Danser med Drenge were off and running. The group went on to record a live album -- Hallo Hvor Det Koger -- in 2005. The following year would see Danser med Drenge unleash a follow-up full-length, Vores Bedste, and in 2008 the group released album number three, Sådan Er Det Bare.... ~ Chris True


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