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About Lis Sørensen

Born May 28, 1955, Danish singer/songwriter Lis Sørensen parlayed her classical music education to great success in her home country, becoming one of Denmark's most popular performers. Sørensen got her start early on as a child pop star, performing as part of the girl group the Five, which had some success as the '60s gave way to the '70s. After the demise of the Five, Sørensen pursued a classical music education in the early '70s, eventually joining the pop/rock girl group Shit & Chanel in 1974. That group recorded four albums, but disbanded in 1979. After the dissolution of the group, Sørensen became part of the Anne Linnet Band, appearing on three albums from 1980-1982. Sørensen launched her career as a solo artist in 1983, releasing her first solo album that year. Over the next 20-plus years, Lis Sørensen scored hit after hit and became a household name, releasing more than ten albums -- including some live and a pair of compilations -- in an impressive and successful career. Her 2007 best-of compilation The Greatest Songs -- a two-CD collection at that -- was a huge chart hit. ~ Chris True

28 May 1955

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