Alexandra Stréliski
Alexandra Stréliski

Alexandra Stréliski

About Alexandra Stréliski

Alexandra Stréliski writes and records using an upright piano that her parents gave her when she was six.

∙ She once worked full-time creating music for commercials and won several Canadian advertising industry awards for her compositions.
∙ She began a creative partnership with director Jean-Marc Vallée after writing to thank him for using her song “Prélude” in the film Dallas Buyers Club.
∙ Her music has appeared in the film Demolition, in a promo for the TV show Big Little Lies, and in several episodes of the miniseries Sharp Objects.
∙ Although Stréliski describes her style as a mix of “film music, ambient, and pop,” her 2018 release, Inscape, was the top classical album on Apple Music that year.
∙ She was the first instrumental artist to be nominated for Album of the Year and Breakthrough Artist of the Year Juno Awards, Canada’s equivalent to the Grammy Awards.