TEAM SVT : You’re my one

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TEAM SVT : You’re my one

They say that when you’re in love, time becomes one of two things: time spent together or time spent missing someone. The members of SEVENTEEN feel the same way. On the heels of their English single “Darl+ing”, the group shares some of the songs they listen to amid their busy schedules whenever they’re missing someone. The song recommendations are as varied as the group itself. Below, each member shares thoughts on their contributions. S.COUPS and WONWOO chose songs with relatable lyrics. “These songs feel like they’d remind us about loved ones for whatever reason,” S.COUPS says of his picks, tracks 2-4. “That’s why I picked them.” WONWOO selected tracks 17-19. “These three songs just beautifully express how it feels to be missing someone,” he says. The group’s fandom, CARAT, was in the minds of every SEVENTEEN member as they were choosing their songs. Varied as they are, the recommended songs all express how the members would like to be with CARATs. “I often play these songs in everyday life,” JEONGHAN says of his selctions, tracks 5-7. JOSHUA, who picked tracks Ariana Grande’s “pov,” Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” and Wrabel’s “nothing but the love,” adds, “They put me in a very contemplative mood, and I wanted to share how that feels with CARATs.” Tracks 14-16 were chosen by HOSHI, who says,“These are songs that always remind me of CARATs. CARATs, horanghae!” And DINO picked tracks 38-40, including Rini’s “My Favourite Clothes.” “They’re nice songs for CARATs to listen to when they want a breather amid their busy lives,” he says. They aren’t the only members of SEVENTEEN feeling wistful. JUN picked tracks 11-13, including Maroon 5’s “Lost.” “When I listen to these songs by myself, thoughts of all the people I miss just pop up in my head.” WOOZI and THE 8 picked comforting songs for tracks 20-22 and 23-25, respectively. “These are gentle songs that hug your soul when you’re thinking about someone you’re missing,” WOOZI says. “These tracks are comforting, though melancholy and blue,” says THE 8. “They bring to mind your loved ones.” One of MINGYU’s selections is Coldplay’s “Fix You”—a sure sign someone is feeling melancholy. “Listening to these songs, I find myself thinking about the people I miss,” he says. “All the emotions we feel about loved ones, they’re in these songs,” says DK, who picked tracks 29-31. SEUNGKWAN, who chose tracks 32-34, hails from Jeju island and the songs he picked reminds him of his old friends. “I used to listen to these songs with my hometown buddies,” he says. “These songs make me miss them. It’d be nice if CARATs think of me when they listen.” VERNON was born and raised amid the cultural diversity of New York, and his picks for tracks 35-37—Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law,” OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” and Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi” also trigger precious memories. “These tunes make me nostalgic about childhood, and also all the dear people from that time,” he says.

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