From the Windy Place: I. The Pilgrim's Road
6 Preludes for Solo Guitar: No. 4, Dancing Willows
Greensleeves (Arr. A. Rinehart for Guitar)
Partita, Op. 103: III. Pastorale
Suite for Flute & Guitar: III. Festive
4 Journeys: No. 2, —
Ein Keiloheinu (After Freudenthal)
Chiaroscuro: I. Spring Light (Mono no aware)
Allegro in E Minor, MS 282/8 f.5 (Arr. A. Rinehart for Guitar)
Two Lords: II. Of Colours
Sinking Islands: III. —
Opern-Revue, Op. 8 (After Verdi): No. 21, Rigoletto
Spanish Creek
A Song of Early Spring (Arr. T. Takemitsu for Solo Guitar)
Ancient Heroes Suite: II. Pavanas of Milan
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Pure Imagination (Arr. T. R. Clef)
Gaston amoureux

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