Drunken Lullabies
I'm Shipping up to Boston
Cider Holiday
Whiskey in the Jar
One More Pint
Hold the Penny
Kicking Soles
Celtic Rocker
Dirty Old Town
Amazing Grace
These Times Have Got Me Drinking / Tripping Up The Stairs
Going Out In Style
If I Should Fall from Grace With God
Jar of Porter
Let Go
Here's to You
A Jar of Porter
Sons of Murphy
The Riverflow
Pour Decisions
The Rocky Road to Dublin
Don't Shut 'Em Down
Breaking Through
Nancy Whisky
When the Devil's Whore Arrives
Raise Your Hand
Not Without a Purpose
Blood or Whiskey
Johnny O'Reilly
I Useta Lover
Big Fellah
A Drunken Night In Dublin
Kiss Me I'm #!@'faced
Sally MacLennane
There's Nothing Left, Pt. 2
Four More for Da
I'll Tell Me Ma
Give the Bastards Hell
Katie, Bar the Door
Sober Again
Drunk in Cardiff
The Boys Back Home
City On a Hill
Tommy K
Have a Drink Ya' Bastards
The Great Escape
Uncle Jim
Son of This Town
Devil's Dance Floor
The Church of the Holy Spook
All for Me Grog
Fair Maidens & Alcohol
The Spicy Mchaggis Jig
2 Bottles
The Crutch
Curse of the Red-Haired Woman
Bourbon & Black Porter
High On the Hill
Guinness and Chips
Rock 'N' Roll Paddy
Arrive on St. Patrick's Day
That's What She Said Last Night
Whiskey and Gin
See You All in Hell
Let's Have a Party
Foggy Dew
Whiskey, You're the Devil
Country Roads
Streams of Whiskey
St. Patrick's Day Irish Punk Song
The Rocky Road To Dublin
Ollie Ollie
I Had a Hat
Cigarettes & Whiskey
Seven Deadly Sins
A Drunken Night in Dublin
Bottom of Our Glass
Pipes and Pints
Holloway Boulevard
Night Paddy Murphy Died
Drunken Sailor
To Hell or California
Take Me to the Medics
Across the U.S.A
Boilermaker's Hands
No Surrender
The Black Mill
Next Sunday We'll Be Back Again
Drink up Ya Sinners

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