On Anotha (Remix)
Get Nervous (feat. Sojourn, Sareem Poems & Griffin)
Del Funk
Eyes Across the Room (feat. RKHTY)
Out of Touch
Diddy Dum Diddy Doo
Run For Your Life (feat. Taelor Gray & Les)
We the People (Imperial remix) [feat. Imperial]
Something From Nothing
Where You From (feat. Sareem Poems & Sojourn)
Piece of Peace (feat. Ozay Moore)
Those Were the Days (feat. BREIS)
Empty Spot (feat. DIE-REK, Sivion, K.I.N.E.T.I.K., Soulseize)
Soul Rich (feat. TOSHIKI HAYASHI(%C))
Joe Pesc
Rise & Fall
A Better Place
No More Soda (feat. DJ Kair One)
Ready (feat. Rebekah Pumphrey)
Unedited Unfiltered (Genuine Craft)
S.L.Y. (feat. NickNack)
Vibrations (feat. Krum)
The Trump
Lessons (feat. Macklyn & Monielle)
The Mirror (feat. Propaganda)
Royalty (feat. Sareem Poems)
That's What I'm On
N.I.C.E. (feat. DJ PA)
Mourning the Morning
No Question
Dear Mama
The Simple Life
I'm Good (feat. Tee-Wyla & Imperial)
I Dont Know
Memory Serves (feat. Sivion, Sareem Poems, Change, Sojourn, Rel McCoy, Terem)
I Neva Knew
Come Back Home (feat. Imperial)
One (feat. Cas Metah & DJ Ninez)
Talk to Me
For the Love (feat. DIE-REK)
We Bridge (Real Prosecutor x Real Defendant) [feat. Sir Chamberlain & Mista White]
Unpredictable (feat. Rel McCoy)
Matters of Man (feat. Chris Orrick)
No Fly Zone
Peace (feat. Eternia)
In N Out (feat. Composetheway)
Getting By (feat. Moka Only)
This Life (feat. James Gardin & Macklyn)
The Moment (feat. Grimace Love)
Hallelujah (feat. DIE-REK)
Kick'n It
Call of the Times
Good Life (feat. Darmea)
Feels Like Limbo
Flowers (feat. DJ Kair One, Jurny Big & Sadat X)
Actual (feat. Jus Beyond) [Hip-Hop]
Mind Games (feat. Swoope & Kambino)
Lift Me up 1 Time
Work For It (feat. Sareem Poems, Sivion, Sojourn & Tee-Wyla)
Basement Boogie (feat. Ras Kass)
Travel the Map (feat. Oddisee) [Soulseize Remix]
World (feat. Add-2)
Praises of Men
Chitown Boogie
Don't Cry (prod. Stro Elliot) [feat. Stro Elliot]
Funky Funky Fresh (feat. Ozay Moore)
Promise Land (feat. Terem)
Just Vibe With It (feat. SkyBlew & Tsilla)
I'm So Potential
Nu Zulu (feat. Theory Hazit)
Home (feat. Newselph)
Must Be Love (feat. Jinz Moss & Mr. J. Medeiros)
All I Need (feat. Yukon Blonde)
The Name Is Die-Rek
Honey (feat. Taelor Gray & Sean C. Johnson)
The Last Sunrise (feat. Adam L)
Fade Away (feat. Andy Cooper)
The Fool, Pt. 3 (Frame Of Mind)
Revival Time (feat. DIE-REK, 7life, Reason, Sev Statik, Relic & Promise)
Grow Up
The Darkness
Shot With You (feat. SoulSeize)
Victorious (feat. SoulSeize)
P.T.P.I. (feat. Sivion, Sojourn, & Ragen Fykes)
The Fool, Pt. 1 (Get it Got it Good)
Doin It

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