Succession (Main Title Theme) [Extended Intro Version]
Rondo in F Minor for Piano and Orchestra - "Kendall's Journey"
Moderato Con Brio for Violin, Harp, and Orchestra
Intermezzo in C Minor - "Money Wins"
Rondo in F Minor for Solo Piano - "Kendall's Summit"
Cello Quintet in C Minor - "Tern Haven"
Andante Con Moto - Piano and Strings - "Vaulter"
Rondo in F Minor for String Orchestra
Concerto Grosso in C Minor - Ripieno Strings
Andante Con Moto - String Orchestra Variation
Andante in C Minor - Main Theme Strings Variation
Maestoso - Piano Solo
Larghetto - Piano, Celesta, Strings - "Kendall's Return"
Intermezzo in C Minor - Piano and Double Bass
Moderato Con Brio - Violin Sextet
Boar On The Floor
Kendall's Departure - "This Is Not For Tears"
Maestoso - String Orchestra - "To The Press Conference"
Concerto Grosso in C Minor + End Credits - "You Have To Be A Killer"
L to the OG (Instrumental)
Puppets (Succession Remix)
Adagio in C Minor
Minuet in B Minor
Andante in C Minor
Strings Con Fuoco
Clarinets and Strings
Serenade in E-Flat Major
Bell Atmospheres
Waystar Royco Corporate Identity - "Feel It!"
Strings + 808 + Beat
Theme Variation - Piano, Orchestra, 808
Allegro in C Minor
Dark Minuet
Andante Con Moto - Strings in E-flat Minor
Andante in C Minor - Solo Piano
Succession - End Title Theme - Strings and Winds Variation
Andantino for Brass and Orchestra in B Minor
A Piacere - Orchestra
Bell and Pizzicato Fantasia
Power - Instrumental
Succession - End Title Theme - Brass Quintet Variation
Mysterium - Strings
Austerlitz - Allegro Moderato
Austerlitz - Allegretto
Million Dollar Home Run
Succession - End Title Theme - Piano and Cello Variation

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