The Process (feat. Monsta Luther King, Backwud Marc, Jungle Baby, Sir Calloway & Cuudy Broun)
Dula Banks
Lights On (feat. J R Uing)
I Wanna (feat. Backwud Marc)
Father (feat. Backwud Marc)
Stand Firm (feat. Dula Banks & RENEGADE EL REY)
Off the Floor
Make a Way
Offerings & Dues (feat. C. Lenz)
Lemongrassteatree (feat. Cuudy Broun)
Gangstas & Real 1s
Thoughts in a Backie
Boil Advisory
Fiska Lamb (feat. Tee Streets)
Antisocial (feat. Sonny Bamboo)
Water for Thirst
Gangtas & Real 1s
40oz of Holy Water (feat. Backwud Marc)
Tko Lingo
Unapologetically (The Breaking Point)
Good Lawd (feat. Aleon Craft)
Ride or Die (feat. Backwud Marc & Slum Beautiful)
Big Poppin (feat. Monsta Luther King)
Tried Tested & True (feat. Monsta Luther King)
On One (feat. Backwud Marc)
Bad with the Good (feat. Big Stank & Jungle Baby)
P.I.T.T.S (Push It to Theside)
Ride or Die (feat. Backwud Marc & Slum Beautiful)
Praying for Me (feat. Monsta Luther King & Fonzshui)
Old Law
Real Is Rare (feat. Que Slim Dirty)
Impress Me
Long Time

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