Costco Dates
Her Cute Face While Sound Asleep
Guilty Samurai
In a Daze
Her Snoring Fills the Silence
Ferris Wheels Are For Slowly Cutting Across the Sky With the Person You Like
Another Go
Snowy Sunset
Fleeting Moments
Window Shopping For Donuts
Faint Nostalgia
At Least You Tried
Endless Eight
Fresh Stationary
Sunnier Days
Night Market
Hey... Can You Pick Me Up?
Yea I Think I Do Too
Into the Morning
Regretful Messages
Softly Blurred By Rain
Vended Hot Coffee
A Tipsy Evening
Memory Arcade
Nonsensical Words
Don't You Remember?
Broken Umbrella
Lost In a Tokyo Department Store
5 Am
Passing City Lights
Tired But Hungry
Downtown At Midnight
Heart Workin' Overtime
Our Imperfect Evening
Admittedly Infatuated
Honey and Lemon
Wandering At Dusk
Evening Java
Sleep Well. Ily.
A Little Extra Time
Somber Mornings
Puffy Eyes
Looking Back
Hazy Dreams
Early Scenery
On the Beach At Night Alone
Clinging On
Suddenly, Rain
Day Napping
A Short Hike
Whispering Sunlight
Barely Visible
October Breeze
A Blur
Scattered Signs
Take Good Care of Yourself, Okay?
Calling Out
Blooming Azalea
Gentle Smile
Right Now
Afternoon Moon
Roll Cakes
Quietly Spending Time Together
Wrong Then
End of an Era
It's Been Awhile
Bright Whites
Sea Salt
Howdy, Do You Like Bubble Tea?
howdy, do you like bubble tea? (100% Sugar)
Must Be Busy
Look How Wonderful the Stars Are
A Spell
Shaking Emotions
A Little Sad
Cold Sun
Good Company
Stream of Consciousness
Wash Over Me
Moments Together
Why Do Ferris Wheels Exist?
The Material Room
I Don't Need You
Silvery Summer's Night
Sweet Sake
Spacing Out
You're Heavy
Little By Little
Soft Sea Foam
From the Riverbank

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