Just Geen: Music That Moves Me

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Just Geen: Music That Moves Me

“There’s no comparing the way music can transform a workout,” Gina Obeng—better known as online coach and personal trainer Just Geen—tells Apple Music. “You’ll always find that my workout classes are centered around having a list full of songs that bring the ultimate vibes; so much so you forget you’re even working out! Whatever your movement of choice is: walking, running, or cycling, this playlist is designed to give you the best vibes to keep you in the mood and stay motivated. No matter the distance, we’ll get you to your goal!” Geen is currently promoting the benefits of staying active in small and accessible ways via her #WalkingToJericho challenge—though the London-born fitness guru concedes the first step might call for some rhythmic encouragement. “I’m so passionate about music,” she says. “It brings me joy and is a great escape, which is exactly how I want to feel when I’m moving my body.”

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