Healthy Mind: Move Your Body

Healthy Mind: Move Your Body

“I don't know how I would have functioned or continued to improve my life if I hadn't committed to exercise,” Zane Lowe says. “Even on days when I don't feel like I want to move or do anything, I will, because I know that it benefits my mind. It helps me see the day through. I'm a big believer in movement and yoga and fitness, cardio—anything you can do that's going to give your body and your mind a reason to collaborate.” His Move Your Body playlist focuses on just that: songs that are uplifting, make you feel good, and inspire you to keep reaching, from artists like Kid Cudi, Phase II, HAIM, and more. “The whole thing is designed to motivate you to move, but also to listen to the messages inside the songs, because they're there to make you feel good.”

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