Ghost’s Ride the Lightning Playlist

Ghost’s Ride the Lightning Playlist

The masked and mysterious Swedish metal band Ghost contributed a cover of “Enter Sandman” to the sprawling Metallica Blacklist project, but that’s not where frontghoul Tobias Forge’s appreciation of Metallica stops. The exclusive playlist he crafted for Apple Music in honor of the band, among 29 other formative influences, includes “The Thing That Should Not Be,” from 1986’s Master of Puppets. “This is one of Metallica’s darker songs, almost more in line with death metal,” Forge tells Apple Music. “Definitely not the norm if you listen to the catalog. It’s slightly different in tonality, which makes it stand out and makes it super heavy and evil. Very Lovecraftian lyrics. This song has been a huge inspiration of mine for over 30 years.” Forge includes vintage metal bands like Slayer, Morbid Angel, and Voivod, as well as punk acts like Dead Boys and Bad Religion, whose 1994 track “Leave Mine to Me” is on here. “I used to listen to this over and over again,” Forge says. “Beautiful vocal harmonies and really good lyrics.” Check out the playlist and add anything you like to your library.

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