Around This World
Dancer in the Dark
Treat Me Right (feat. Marc Philippe) [Marc Philippe Remix]
Take My Hand (Paul Lock Remix)
Holding On (Dimitris Athanasiou Remix)
I Am Ok (Pete Bellis & Tommy Remix)
This Fire in Me (feat. Paul Lock) [Paul Lock Remix]
Trust in Me
Take Our Chances
Forever (feat. Dimitris Athanasiou) [Dimitris Athanasiou Remix]
September Rain (Costa Mee Remix)
I Wanna Change (Housenick Remix)
Back to You (feat. Marc Philippe) [Marc Philippe Remix]
Forever (Paul Lock Remix)
All I Want (feat. Marc Philippe) [Marc Philippe Remix]
Broken Mess (Costa Mee Remix)
True Love
We Got the Fire
Always Been You
Diva Tonight
Break Away
Then Again
If You're Loving Me
What Love Feels Like
Don't Forget It
My Fear
Day Dreams
If You Love Me
Broken Mess
Keep Loving You
Don't Walk Away
Left Me In the Rain
Baby Come To Me
The Feeling (feat. Paul Lock) [Paul Lock Remix]
Fallen (Pete Bellis & Tommy Remix)
Deep Inside My Mind (Dimitris Athanasiou Remix)
Saw Your Face
Take Me (Costa Mee Remix)
Break Through
I Was Loving You
Cold As Ice (Pete Bellis & Tommy Remix)
Islands in the Sky (Costa Mee Remix)
Stay With Me
This Fire in Me
Important Story (Costa Mee Remix)
Do You Wanna Know (Marc Philippe Remix)
Around This World (Pete Bellis & Tommy Remix)
Dancer in the Dark (GeoM Remix)
I Feel It
Think In Love
Dark Space
Mirror of Myself
Never Knew You
Good Morning
Talk To Me
I'm Good
I Don't Know Why
Chapter of Your Love
Am Getting Older
My Oasis
I Really Like You
Empty Promises
Turn My Life
Your Eyes
Don't Worry About Tomorrow
Rock My World
Say Goodbye
Ride the Storm
My Angel
Take a Deep Breath
My Life
Till the End of Time
Reach the Sky
Unspoken War
Wanna Dance in the Rain
With a Kiss
Fight for Love
Single Nights
Love of Yesterday
Soul in the Wind (Costa Mee, Pete Bellis & Tommy Remix)
Pill of Love
Need Your Touch
You (Paul Lock Remix)
I Wish
Level Up (Paul Lock Remix)
Time Is Ticking
Let Somebody Go (Paul Lock Remix)
Only One
Night into Day
Rays of Gold
Heart of Glass
You Wanna Me
Don't Say It's Over

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