I Smell a Rat
She Calls Me Kingfish
Too Many Dirty Dishes (Remastered)
Don't Let Me Catch You (With Your Drawers Down)
Don't Stay Out All Night
Before the Bullets Fly
She May Be Your Woman
Don't You Lie to Me
Mr. Somebody
Tired Of Giving You My Love
Broken Hearted Blues
I Heard It All
Gasoline Drawers
Wrong Number
A Little Meat On the Side
I Got a Problem
Can You Read Between the Lines?
Checking On My Woman
I Believe You I Think
Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home
Who's Making Love?
Never Trust a Woman (Live)
What's Going On In My Home?
The Wrong Number
Caught Your Back Door Man
When Will You Tell Him About Me?
Don't Pick Me for Your Fool (Live)
You Can Have My Husband
Last One to Know
I Just Got To Know (remastered)
Back Door Man
What She Don't Know
Two In the Bush Is Better Than One In the Hand
Stranger in My House
You Hurt Me
Sneakin' Around
Another Mule
Your Lies
The Dream
Evil (feat. James Cotton) [Remastered]
Long Hot Night
Salt In My Wounds
Side Stuff
Walk It Off
Sleep On It
Watch What You Got
Back Door Man

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