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87 Ratings

Mr. Epp ,

One of the best Weird Al vidoes

Great video, great parody! As someone who was actually a teenager when Nirvana made the original song and video, it was nice to see that Weird Al could take Nirvana's parody song and elevate it to even a bigger parody at that time and to this day. (Yes, to all Nirvana fans born in the 1980s or later, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was Nirvana's parody of the grunge songs of the time. Nirvana was a punk band, not grunge rockers like Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam or Soundgarden, and intended "Teen Spirit" to be a commentary on the scence-sters in Seattle at the time. This information can be corroborated by band interviews.) Other great Weird Al songs and videos are "Amish Paradise," "Like Surgeon," "The Saga Begins," and "It's All About the Pentiums."

Snipes266 ,


I don't see how Weird Al is being disrespectful towrads Nirvana or Kurt. I feel that if Weird Al is making fun of a band songs than he is acknowledging that that band song is a great song worth parodying. If the song wasn't great than it isn't worth Weird Al's time. To me, Weir Al is paying his respect the only wat he knows how to...by parodying it

The 'A' Man ,

Way Too Funny

In my opinion, Weird Al's best video. There are just so many visual gags, that it's hard to catch them all in one viewing. Totally awesome and totally hilarious!

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