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The host of her namesake show as well as R&B Now, Nadeska Alexis brings a one-of-a-kind, truly global and diverse perspective to music and culture. Although she proudly reps New York City, she was born in Grenada to a huge family and moved to Brooklyn when she was 11, which is where her musical education blossomed. “Living in Grenada for the first few years of my life meant that reggae and soca music were the sounds that I naturally heard all around me—those sounds still very much feel like home to me,” she says. “But the earliest musical memory that sticks in my mind was spending time with my cousins after school and watching hip-hop and R&B videos. I was a little too young to fully understand what I was seeing, but it made an impression, and when I moved to the States I became fully immersed in that culture. It gave me a unique musical education.” Nadeska—who made her name as a music journalist and cohosted Complex’s breakout hit video series Everyday Struggle—brings that unique viewpoint to everything she does. “My show is crafted from the perspective of a young Black woman who’s experienced many different cultures growing up; that has given me an appreciation for multiple genres and how often they overlap,” she says. “My goal is always to leave listeners with something new that feels familiar at the same time." Hear her on The Nadeska Show every Friday at 7 am LA, 10 am NY, and 3 pm London on Apple Music 1, plus Fridays at 8 am LA, 11 am NY, and 4 pm London on R&B Now Radio. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Former life: Cohost/producer of Complex’s Everyday Struggle, journalist/writer at MTV News First music video I saw: “Snoop Dogg, 'Who Am I?' I was terrified of Snoop for years after seeing him transform into a dog!” Proudest accomplishment: “Overcoming my traumatizing battle with immigration when we moved to the States, and now being in a stable enough position to take care of my family when they need me.” Go-to karaoke song: “I don't like karaoke—I'm a terrible person, I know.” My most important values: “Being honest, consistent, open-minded and loyal.” Favorite thing about music: “I grew up seeing firsthand how politics, race and religion create so much unnecessary conflict. What I've always loved about music is its ability to transcend those things and show us how much we actually have in common. Music has gotten me through some of the worst periods of my life. Like the great Bob Marley says, ‘One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.’”

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