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London-based Matt Wilkinson first bubbled up as a writer and editor at renowned UK music magazine NME, where he reported on artists who were changing pop culture one song at a time. His first interview was with Amy Winehouse, in a cemetery in Bristol, when she was one of the biggest names in music—a foundational experience for Matt. “Even though I was totally inexperienced,” he says, “that Amy interview was life-changing for me. When she realized I was there to talk about music rather than her private life, she just came alive—waxing lyrical about ’60s girl groups, hip-hop, the lot. This was the first time I’d ever sat eye-to-eye with a big-name musician and really connected with them. And forging that connection is still what I aim to do when I speak to artists today.” As the host of his namesake show on Apple Music, Matt brings that sense of music history and connection to the air, mining the most interesting new music, chronicling the best of the UK scene, and telling the stories behind the songs of the day with revealing interviews and more. But above all? He’s a music fan obsessed with the idea that “there are still classic songs waiting to be discovered,” he says. “I’m forever looking for the 'hairs on the back of the neck' feeling to happen. That unnameable, rare thing where you hear a song and it suddenly changes your life. It happens every so often and it's the best thing ever.” Hear The Matt Wilkinson Show every Monday through Friday at 4 am LA/7 am NYC/12 pm LDN. Hometown: "I’m based in London, but I grew up right on the tip of the UK coast in Cornwall. It's still my favorite place on earth." Former life: Music editor at NME Earliest music memory: “Making a mixtape for my mum.” Favorite music genre: “Whenever I get asked this, I just reply: 'Good music'. If it moves me in any way, then it's good.” My go-to karaoke song: “It’s a dead heat between ‘Karma Chameleon’ by Culture Club and ‘The Weight’ by The Band. I have no idea why—all I know is those two just go off!" What’s unique about my show? “ I'm honest—and I always will be. I play music that I personally find really interesting. I am obsessed about music, and in many ways it's the main thing in my life. The idea of a life without gigs or new music is really boring to me! I aim to bring this passion to everything I do at Apple—whether it's speaking about a track during a link, or researching for an interview, or meeting with an artist.”

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