Everything. Together. Radio With Jad Abumrad

Jad Abumrad is one of the godfathers of the podcasting revolution. As the host and creator of award-winning shows such as Radiolab, More Perfect, and Dolly Parton’s America, Abumrad has combined cutting-edge sound design and a cinematic approach to exploring the Big Questions. On his Apple Music Hits show, Everything. Together. Radio, the composer, musician, and podcast host turns his attention to a new question: These cassette mixtapes you used to make for your friends, what should those sound like now in this digital age? Each episode offers a kaleidoscopic mix of uptempo, electro, dance, funk, hip-hop, experimental noise, soul, and everything in between. Abumrad also digs into the history at the underbelly of what binds the music together. In his own words: “I think of this show as a series of mixtapes for an era of musical plenty. I believe that the only way to experience all of this amazing music is to embrace it all at once and listen to all of it simultaneously, where songs don’t necessarily start and end but seamlessly bleed into one another to reveal their hidden connections and the strange symmetries across time.” Shima Oliaee is consulting producer and Alex Overington provided additional remixing.

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