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Better known as Yordano, Giordano Di Marzo Migani is an Italian-Venezuelan singer and songwriter. Born in Rome in 1951, his family moved to Venezuela when he was 12 years old. Throughout the '70s, he balanced a budding musical career with his university studies (he completed a degree in Architecture), eventually deciding to become a professional musician. In 1978 he recorded his first album with the band Sietecuero, and in 1982 decided to go solo with the largely unnoticed Negocios Son Negocios. His sophomore effort, Yordano (1984), on the other hand, became an unprecedented success in Venezuela while Jugando Conmigo (1986) made him an international star. Yordano remained at the forefront of romantic Latin pop and ballads for about a decade, although his popularity dwindled in the late '90s and he lost the support of a major label. He later experienced a creative and commercial resurgence with El Deseo (2008) and Sueños Clandestinos (2013). After inking a new deal with Sony Music, Yordano returned in 2016 with El Tren de los Recuerdos. ~ Mariano Prunes

October 27, 1951
Pop Latino
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