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About Yann Novak

Los Angeles-based multimedia artist and curator Yann Novak constructs immersive, meditative drones and audio-visual installations utilizing field recordings and digital processing. His deep, slowly evolving works explore themes such as perception and awareness through the use of intangible objects such as sound and light. Novak's work has been featured at dozens of notable galleries and festivals throughout the world, and he has collaborated with artists such as Richard Chartier, Robert Crouch, and Marc Manning. Novak is the curator of Dragon's Eye Recordings, which was founded by his father, Paul Novak, in 1989. Yann re-launched the label in 2005, and issued limited-edition CD-Rs by himself as well as artists like Wyndel Hunt, Celer, and Ian Hawgood. Novak's recordings were also issued by Line, Hibernate, Farmacia901, and several other labels. In 2016, U.K. experimental music institution Touch released Novak's Ornamentation, composed of digitally altered field recordings and modular synthesizer. Surroundings followed on Line in 2017. Novak's second Touch recording, The Future Is a Forward Escape Into the Past, appeared in 2018. ~ Paul Simpson

Madison, WI

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