About Wire

Emerging from the British punk explosion, Wire resisted easy categorization from the start, and would for decades to come. Their first three albums alone attest to their startling evolution: Pink Flag (1977) twisted punk's simplicity and rawness to Wire's own arty designs, on Chairs Missing (1978) they added frosty atmospheres and more melodic songwriting, both of which they heightened on 154 (1979). The band's willingness to stop recording when ideas aren't forthcoming is also crucial to their longevity and relevance. They returned from hiatuses in the '80s and '90s with renewed creativity on the electronic leanings of The Ideal Copy (1987) and the ferocious noise of Send (2003). Later works such as Mind Hive (2020) exemplified their moody guitar pop in the 2010s and beyond. Wire's restlessness paved the way for hardcore punk, post-punk, and goth, as well as the many post-punk revivalists of the 21st century.

    London, England

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