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Formed in New York City, Weep is the brainchild of the artist, writer, musician, and all-around Renaissance man Doc Hammer, one of the co-creators of the cartoon series The Venture Brothers, as well as a former member of Mors Syphilitica and Requiem in White. Consisting of Hammer (guitars/vocals), Alex Dziena (keyboards), Fred Macaraeg (bass), and Bill Kovalcik (drums), the band combines ethereal darkwave, shoegaze, and synth pop, showing reverence to the sounds that came before them without ever feeling like an ironic throwback. Dark and expansive, their sound envelops the listener in a warm blanket of shimmering guitars and spacy synthesizers, setting them adrift while still maintaining enough drive to feel like substantial rock songs. The band released their first EP, Never Ever, in 2008 on Astro-Base Go Recordings. They followed up in 2010 with their full-length debut, Worn Thin, on Hammer’s former label Projekt Records. ~ Gregory Heaney

New York, New York, NY