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Basically a solo project for Atlanta producer Chris Brann with the help of DJ cohorts Deep C and Udoh, Wamdue Productions' recordings provided one of the few convincing home/club fusions which err, if at all, on the side of the dancefloor. Unlike the large community of artists more allied to their headphones than a bassbin, Wamdue productions are easy club favorites, and though they record for the strictly mainstream label Strictly Rhythm, Wamdue marries intense warmth gained from R&B and house to the tighter rhythms and hard effects of Detroit techno.
Brann grew up in Atlanta, listening to soul stalwarts Marvin Gaye and Isaac Hayes as well as machine maestros like Kraftwerk, Steve Reich and Cabaret Voltaire. In 1994, he hooked up with two DJ/producers, Deep C (b. Chris Clark) and Udoh (b. Chris Udoh). After connecting with soulful Detroit techno producer K Hand, Wamdue debuted with the single "Higher," and released singles during 1995 for Peacefrog, Stud!o K7, Love from San Francisco, Jus' Trax and Multiply -- alternately known as Wamdue Kids, Wambonix and Wamdue Project. The following year, Wamdue Kids released a compilation on Stud!o K7 while later in the year, Wamdue Project released a proper full-length bow on Strictly Rhythm, Resource Toolbox, Vol. 1. Mostly the work of Brann, the album gained raves as a true intelligent dancefloor masterpiece.
Wamdue Kids returned in early 1997 with a full album for Peacefrog, while the Project kept up the fever-pitched release schedule later that year with Deepfall, also on Peacefrog. The year 1998 brought yet another Project album, Program Yourself, for Strictly Rhythm. ~ John Bush

    Atlanta, GA

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