Trio Voronezh

About Trio Voronezh

Russian classical ensemble Trio Voronezh was formed in 1993 by Vladimir Volochin (domra), Valerie Petruchin (double-bass balalaika) and Sergei Teleshev (bajan), all three graduates of the Academy of Music in Voronezh outside of Moscow. While performing in 1996 in a Frankfurt, Germany subway, the group was discovered by representatives of the Oregon Bach festival, who immediately extended an invitation to perform stateside; wowing crowds with a repertoire spanning from Vivaldi and Schubert to Russian folk and pop favorites, Trio Voronezh proceeded to attract a following across both North America and Europe, and in 1998 issued their debut album A Special Arrangement . Both Simply Classic and a self-titled effort followed in the months to come. ~ Jason Ankeny