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As country singer Tim McGraw explained to Apple Music, he’s always strived to make emotionally resonant songs "that can be personal to somebody but existential to all—that's something pretty special." Born in Louisiana in 1967, McGraw has built a career defined by that “pretty special” stuff—music that finds a way of connecting with a crowd. His eagerness to experiment with different styles, like Southern and modern rock, pop, and adult contemporary, has earned him an appeal so wide-reaching it’s turned him into one of the best-selling musical artists of all time. McGraw’s earliest ‘90s hits included dreamy, slickly produced romance (“Don’t Take the Girl”), honky-tonk rowdiness (“I Like It, I Love It”), and epic love (the fiddle-blessed “It’s Your Love,” a duet with Faith Hill, to whom McGraw is married). In the 2000s, he’s continued to branch out on songs like “My Next Thirty Years,” which addresses aging with a beachy vibe, and the hushed synthscapes of “Humble and Kind.” In 2020, he launched his Apple Music Country radio show, Beyond the Influence, and also released the first single for his 15th studio album Here On Earth: “I Called Mama,” a poignant, modern country tune that explores the death of someone beloved through personal lyrics that speak to the universal experience of loss. That’s something pretty special.

Delhi, LA, United States
May 1, 1967

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