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In the early 2000s, the mainstream hard-rock landscape was teeming with the sounds of arena-ready post-grunge acts in the Nickelback mold and the more aggro, stylized pummel of nu-metal. So the arrival of Three Days Grace’s 2003 self-titled debut was perfectly timed to unite these factions. Formed in the small southern Ontario town of Norwood, Three Days Grace became modern-rock-radio mainstays on both sides of the border by combining steamroller riffs with angst-ridden, shout-along hooks that doubled as a form of primal-scream therapy. But on signature, spite-fueled ragers like “I Hate Everything About You” and “Just Like You,” frontman Adam Gontier is pointing the finger at himself as much as his subject, as he homes in on the messy, mutually destructive nature of codependent relationships. He would continue to tap that vulnerable vein on later songs like “Animal I Have Become,” an unflinching account of his battle with OxyContin addiction. But amid those personal struggles and the ever-shifting tides of 21st-century rock music, Three Days Grace have retained their lofty cruising altitude. Even the sudden departure of Gontier in 2013 didn’t disrupt their momentum: Under the stewardship of former My Darkest Days singer Matt Walst, Three Days Grace scored their 14th No. 1 single on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs chart with 2018’s “Infra-Red,” surpassing a record previously held by Van Halen.

    Norwood, Ontario, Canada

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